Get into the Asylum with WPWF!

Are you ready to rumble, Second Life?

If so, then you should check out the WPWF for some non-stop fun with women’s professional wrestling on the grid! There are other federations, too, but we haven’t had the chance to check them out yet.

WPWF Asylum!

As those who know me know, I own a beach club. So a lot of my time (and Jess’s) is spent there working on it, hosting events, scouting out new live acts etc. It’s a lot of time – and we love it – but sometimes you need to get away. A few of our regulars are involved in wrestling on Second Life and one recently became the champion. So we needed to go see her and the rest.

WPWF holds cards at 6 pm SLT on Saturday night and you can join the Asylum as well!

Professional wrestling in Second Life is fun. The action is cool to watch and the setup of the sim is wildly cool. Make sure you have voice turned on because they have commentating and some of the performers voice as well. One tip – when the media asks you to OK, make it all the time so the show flows more smoothly.

Get there early, grab a seat and enjoy the action! It’s a lot of fun and well worth going to as it’s different. The beauty of Second Life is the things one can do.

Here’s a quick rundown of the show from November 2:

The new champ addresses the crowd!

The show opened with new champion Brooke Owens coming out for a celebration, until general manager Austin Knight interrupted and new challenger “The Queen Of The Vault” Mary Weis attacked. The GM, like in many worlds of wrestling, is a dick! So boo away.

Match 1: Savi Saya made her debut in a five-match trial, and won the match over Narcoleptic Queen Janie Mae in the fastest match in WPWF history, Saya needs to win all five matches to get a contract to WPWF.

Samantha Foxy beat Jaxi Velineaux

Match 2: Samantha Foxy beat Jaxi Velineaux in a WPWF vs DCWF Showcase Match. Foxy is a former WPWF Siren Rising champion and Velineaux is a former DCWF Women’s champion.

Kamikaze Chiyoko vs Vanessa Da Silva

Match 3 (Main Event): WPWF Siren Rising champion Kamikaze Chiyoko issued an open challenge, which was accepted by WPWF newcomer Vanessa Da Silva! A great match was won by Chiyoko.

This was a lot of fun and something different in Second Life! Come check them out on Saturdays!

Here are some other photos from the show!

We were in the front row!
High flying!
Action in the arena!
Time for wrestling!


WPWF professional wrestling
Saturdays, 6 pm SLT
SLurl: WPWF District
Group: WPWF I Fanbase

Thanks for reading! If you are in Second Life and looking for a fun club, stop by Miktopia! We have an adult sim with a lot of fun, including some fun and BDSM items at the Blue Light District! We also feature events almost every night with some of the top live acts and DJs in Second Life!
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  1. Jess says:

    It was such a fun night and once again an awesome adventure fur us. <3

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