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Hello, blogging world!

This is round two, as the first — something happened with my setup. So being there was only one post, I deleted it and started again. This post will seem familiar.

I’ve debated doing this for a long time, and am finally getting around to it. This blog is going to be a journey of my trip in Second Life. Though I’ve been on the grid nearly three years when I am starting this, I plan to keep current, but also go back into my memory and photo banks and write up some stories and things about the experiences I’ve had.

Second Life has been a virtual world with real emotions and real feelings. It’s been a place of fun, of sadness, of love, of anger, and every other emotion in between. It’s been a place where I’ve gone to help escape the real world; and a place where I’ve dreaded logging into at times, but during those times — I knew I needed to log in, deal with the emotions and keep going as it’s truly a wonderful place in the overall big picture.

The photos on this blog will be tame and adult; kinky and vanilla; and anything else I can come up with. One thing I’ve always done since starting in SL — I’ve taken photos. I’ve tried to document my journey and I hope I can keep it up as I go along.

This blog will have a bit of everything. I’ll write about the past and present; I’ll talk about events and such at Miktopia (my beach sim – adult rating, with a BDSM area in the sky!); I’ll talk about my friends (and sometimes even my enemies); and I’ll probably even do some fashion blogging, as well as some reviews of products I use within the world. These types of things could be anything from huds to objects to photo poses and props — whatever I’ve purchased over time is open game.

If you are in Second Life, you can visit Miktopia via this SLurl: Miktopia at Perfect Fantasy.

I will definitely be doing “reviews” of sorts about live music in Second Life, as it’s something I’m really loving.

There will also be a heavy presence of Jess on the blog, and our adventures.

Basically, I want this to be a fun blog with a bunch of different things to write about and to cover. I’m not sure how many eyes will ever be on it, but it’s well worth doing, even if just for me to help document where I’ve been and where I’m going.

You can also find me on a few other social media platforms:



Facebook (Me)

Facebook (Miktopia)


I hope you’ll come along with this journey and enjoy it with me!

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